March 15, 2007



Rudy Giuliani is an unacceptable Republican nominee for President of the United States. He is pro-abortion, pro-partial birth abortion, pro-registration of handguns, and pro-homosexual rights.  He is the most liberal Republican candidate for President in our nation’s history.

Conservatives should leave no doubt that we will not support his candidacy under any circumstances.  Therefore, we have created the Conservative Declaration of Independence to publicly state our position regarding the Republican Party’s consideration of a liberal as our Presidential nominee. 

Please email to add your name to the list of signers.

We have hundreds of co-signers from across the country. We hope the develope organized movements in every state. If you are interested in helping to organize efforts in your state or local community please send an e-mail to . 

With the best of
America in mind,

Mark Forton

Chairman, Michigan Conservative Union

State Chairman, Buchanan for President, 1996 & 2000

County Republican Chairman

Macomb County Republican Party, 1994-1996

Tom McMillin 

State Field Director, Christian Coalition of Michigan, 1994-1998

Issues Committee Chairman, Michigan Republican Party, 2005-2007

Board Member, American Family Association of Michigan, present

Paul Nagy

Draft Buchanan ’92Northeast Director, Buchanan ‘92

Northeast Director, Christian Coalition, 1994-99

The Conservative Declaration of Independence

– March 15, 2007 –


When, in the course of political process, it might become necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, it becomes necessary to declare the causes which would impel the separation.  We, the undersigned of this digital document, hereby agree that we areConservatives first and Republicans second, and that we would not support the candidacy of Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani  if  the Republican Party chooses to nominate him for President of the United States. We hereby agree that Mr. Giuliani is an American hero for his performance in the aftermath of 9-11, however his liberal record as Mayor, appointment of liberal judges, and the conduct of his personal life make it impossible for us to support his candidacy under any circumstances. 

We hereby urge conservatives across the country to join us in signing this Conservative Declaration of Independence by emailing .



In Agreement, 

New Hampshire

Paul Nagy

Draft Buchanan ’92

Northeast Director, Buchanan ‘92

Northeast Director, Christian Coalition, 1994-99


Mark Forton

Chairman, Michigan Conservative Union

State Chairman, Buchanan for President, 1996 & 2000

County Republican Chairman,

Macomb County Republican Party, 1994-1996

Tom McMillin 

State Field Director, Christian Coalition of Michigan, 1994-1998 Issues Committee Chairman, Michigan Republican Party, 2005-2007Board Member, American Family Association of Michigan, present 


Article I  Sign Conservative Declaration

Conservatives across the country please unite behind the Conservative Declaration of Independence by co-signing this document.  Conservatives are invited to co-sign by sending an email to .



Article II  Supporting Evidence

Rudolf Giuliani explaining his liberal views: 

Rudolf Giuliani explaining his position on abortion: 

Rudolf Giuliani dressed as female:

Interview with gay couple Rudolf Giuliani lived with when Sept 11th occurred: 


Ban on Partial Birth Abortions:

“No, I do not support that (a ban on partial birth abortion), and I do not see my position on that changing.”



“There must be public funding of abortion for poor women.  We cannot deny any woman the right to make her own decision about abortion because she lacks resources.  I have also stated  that I disagree with President’s Bush’s veto for public funding of abortion.”


“There is not a Mayor or Public Official in this country who is more pro-immigrant than I am.”

Gun Control:

“I am in favor of gun control”


“You know I am in favor of that (registration of all hand guns)”


Gay Rights:


”I support domestic partnership legislation and I signed it.”


Free Speech:

“I am a big supporter of McCain-Feingold and have been for a long time”

Party Loyalty:

”Frankly, I would like to run on all the lines.  The liberal line, the conservative line, I would like to run on the Democratic line if I could figure out how to do it.”



Article III       Opposition

Richard Land, head of public policy for the Southern Baptist Convention said that evangelicals believe the former mayor showed a lack of character during his divorce from his second wife, Donna Hanover.


“I mean, this is divorce on steroids,” Land said. “To publicly humiliate your wife in that way, and your children. That’s rough. I think that’s going to be an awfully hard sell, even if he weren’t pro-choice and pro-gun control.”

“Some would stay home, and I would counsel them not to do that,” Land said of the prospects of a Giuliani-Clinton presidential race. “They need to go and vote. They can always not vote in that race. I would go and vote, and I would vote for congressmen and I would vote for state senator and state representative, I would vote for U.S. senator, I would vote for governor. But I would not vote in the presidential race.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and get his take on Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani.  He’s the front runner but it’s kind of like here in DC, you drive over the Potomac at night and it looks beautiful but if you get down near it you certainly wouldn’t want to take anything out of it and eat it. It’s polluted it’s got problems.”

“A Republican Party led by Rudy Giuliani would be a party of contempt for the pro-life position,” the editors of the National Catholic Register said recently about the Roman Catholic candidate. “The bottom line: Republicans have made inroads into the Catholic vote for years because of the pro-life issue. If they put a pro-abortion politician up for president, the gains they‘ve built for decades will vanish overnight.”


Article IV       Appointment of Judges

Giuliani Supports Judges Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Politico: Giuliani-Appointed Judges Tend To Lean To The Left

By: Ben Smith

When Rudy Giuliani faces Republicans concerned about his support of gay rights and legal abortion, he reassures them that he is a conservative on the decisions that matter most.

“I would want judges who are strict constructionists because I am,” he told South Carolina Republicans last month. “Those are the kinds of justices I would appoint — Scalia, Alito and Roberts.”


But most of Giuliani’s judicial appointments during his eight years as mayor of New York were hardly in the model of Chief Justice John Roberts or Samuel Alito — much less aggressive conservatives in the mold of Antonin Scalia.

A Politico review of the 75 judges Giuliani appointed to three of New York state’s lower courts found that Democrats outnumbered Republicans by more than 8 to 1. One of his appointments was an officer of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Judges. Another ruled that the state law banning liquor sales on Sundays was unconstitutional because it was insufficiently secular.


A third, an abortion-rights supporter, later made it to the federal bench in part because New York Sen. Charles E. Schumer, a liberal Democrat, said he liked her ideology.

Cumulatively, Giuilani’s record was enough to win applause from people like Kelli Conlin, the head of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, the state’s leading abortion-rights group. “They were decent, moderate people,” she said.


For rest of story please click


Timothy Everts
Wellsburg, IA

Helen Hunter

Cedar Rapids, IA

Bryan and Aspen Allen

Granville, IA

Thomas Carmody

West Des Moines, Iowa 

Judy A. Barrett

Dallas Center, IA 

Nancy Wagner

Morning Sun, IA

Lori Smith

John Hyde
Albia, Iowa

Nicole D. Baker
Clinton, IA

Elmer and Carolyn Veldhuizen

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Westrum

Jon Michael Bour

Phil Roe
Eldora, Iowa

Julie Roe
Eldora, IA

Dr. Richard P. Bose

Marilyn Bose

Jaclyn Fleming

Ray & Donna Seehusen
Pocahontas, IA

Don Herr
Cedar Rapids, IA

Lorie J. Wittmaack
Linn Grove, IA

William C. Schuster
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Rick Freeze
Des Moines, IA

James E. Hankes
Keokuk, IA

Dick and Dorothy Schlitter
Onawa, IA

Roger Sutton
Eldora, IA

Jim Littrel
Rhodes, IA

Doriano Rossi
Des Moines, IA

David Harwell
Des Moines, IA

Dr. Richard P Bose
Estherville, IA

Marilyn A Bose
Esterville, IA

Lee Bader
Jesup, IA

Todd Speck
Clive, IA

Alvin and Kay Greenwood
Dubuque, IA

Additional Signers

Maria Carl
Macomb County, MI

Jim Duistermars
Oakland County, MI

William J. Simon
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Carwile
Swartz Creek, MI

John and Elizabeth Roemer
Gagetown, MI

Carl Mintz
Farmington Hills, MI

Eric Fredrickson
Edmore, MI

Patricia Fredrickson
Edmore, MI

Kimberly Johnston
Redford, MI

Donald & Marie Stoll
Unionville, MI

Richard J. Glista
Bangor, MI

Amanda Cogswell
East Lansing, MI

Thomas E. Moody
Farmington Hills, MI

La Rae G. Munk
Eaton Rapids, MI

Carolyn Walton
Macomb County, MI

Penelope J. Barrett
Resident of Fairbanks, AK
Currently residing in the Republic of Panama

Dennis Grysen
Chelsea, MI 48118

Lawrence G. Redmond
Dearborn Heights Michigan

Carolyn S. Cabell
Dearborn, Michigan

Lydia K. Hutchens

Daniel L. Chase

Ron Kooienga
Holland, MI

David Moore
Plainwell, Michigan

Jill Chapman
Benton Harbor,  MI

Jerry Klinetop
Traverse City, MI

Scott Markstrom
Kinross, MI

Jim Julien & Yolanda Julien
Macomb County MI

Harold Stuart

David & Verna Leo
Rochester Hills, MI

Billy Valentine
Chairman, Students for Brownback
Steubenville, Ohio

Ron Kooienga
Holland, MI

Steve Hicks 
Niles, MI

Sheri Garwood
Hudson, MI

Richard W. Vook
Nedrow, NY

Lori Viars
Lebanon, Ohio

Lynn Schneider
Judy Constance
Kristine Scott
David R Pernesky
Chad White
Gerhard E.(Gary) Pickelmann
Michele M. Czupinski
Gerald Holowicki
Robert Eskew
Linda Albaugh
Thomas Baird
Pat Berman
Brad Ryan
Paul Locke
Benjamin Wabich, Sr.
Harold Thames
Dennis J Hande
Ray Clausen
Ron Gutowski
Doug Stewart
Ric Knox
Chad Geiger
Barbara Seavey
Susan D. Adams
Jay Wallace
Gary Stephenson
Joanne M. Lucia
Duane L. Rule
Jim Steffens
Mary Bennett
Mr.and Mrs. G. Scott Britton
D. M. Kobmann
Angela Norton
Ken Szpond
Jason Jennett and April Jennett
Julie Bybee
David J. Pittentruf and Patricia S. Pittenturf
Christopher Lane
June Hetmanski
Michelle McIntyre
Miranda Huston
Jack and Emilee Bowen
Steven Valentine
Guy Somers
Robin Werling
David Garlich
Carrie Garlich
Scott Kolb
Mary E. Cunningham
Clifford F. Cunningham


5 Responses to “”

  1. D. M. Kobmann Says:

    I agree that Rudy Guiliani is not the best choice for the Republican party. His stance on issues is not what I believe in. He is tough on crime. New York city was changed for the better while he was the mayor, but that alone is not enough for me to support him.

  2. David & Verna Leo Says:

    Conservatives First, Rochester Hills, MI

  3. jrfoleyjr Says:

    I support this declaration.

    James Foley

  4. pamela Says:

    I also support the Declaration and want my voice to be heard.. Rudy Gulliani is a Gun Grabber who supports Infanticide as well he supports Homosexual Activity and Rights. They already have rights.. just like the rest of us.. they can do what they want including get Married.. just not to eachother.. its sad that A Nominee for the GOP falls under all these categories!! Then again.. GWBush fooled us all too didnt he? Rudy at least is giving us a heads up as to who and what he is. PC

  5. Gene & Andrea Harry Says:

    Please add our names to your list. Thank you and God Bless.

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